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Family Time is More Important Than Ever

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

It’s true. With all things “Internet” dominating our attention these days, it’s more important than ever to set aside time specifically for family. In this modern world full of digital devices and networks, it seems that the concept of family time has become something of an outdated notion from the past. Furthermore, to our kids, who grew up on those palm-held devices that hold their attention so raptly, the idea of spending time with family may be as foreign a concept to them as the idea of walking to work is for some of us.

But our kids aren’t the only ones caught in the diabolical digital trap of a virtual world where we “connect” without having to engage with people and nurture face-to-face relationships in the real world. This virtual “connectivity” also breeds a hit-and-run type of communication where we don’t need to have regular face-to-face interactions, leave our homes, or be accountable for, and defend, our words and actions.

Yes, folks – and this may come as a surprise to some - there was a time when it seemed strange to be glued to a screen constantly, instead of having to engage with people and nurture our relationships face-to-face in the real world. But, over the past thirty or so years, the script has flipped. The pendulum has swung so that it seems strange NOT to be glued to a screen all day.

That’s not to say that the wonders of the Internet, including the ability to instantly access information on virtually any subject and communicate with anyone across vast distances at any time, that it provides is all bad. But it’s time to swing the pendulum back and create a healthier balance between the virtual and real worlds.

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